What Now - 8 Ways to deal with life's difficulties
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What Now? Guides you to find peace Despite Gnawing Stress
 I want to give you the gift of peace and clarity with easy access to my practical tools in What Now? 8 Ways to Deal With Life's Difficulties.   
The holidays add stress, but....
-What if your everyday stress could be relieved to enjoy this time of year? 
-How would that change your life? 
-How would it improve your relationships?
This Amazon bestselling book will:
- Guide you through life's challenges we like to call #adulting.
- Break though emotional paralysis and bring clarity.
- Get out from under the covers and reconnect with loved ones. 
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  What People Are Saying about What Now:
"Finally a self help book that's my style!"
Let me start by saying that I have never finished a self-help book. No not ever...although I've come close. I've determined that this is due to the fact that I would really like all self help books to be written as more of a bulleted list of important information. But usually I have to wade through a lot of words to get to the good nuggets of information I am seeking.
This book fits that bill. Short and direct to the point with a topic, an illustration of that concept and a challenge.
To me this book helps you to look at the messy things in life (or all of life sometimes) as something of beauty. Something to appreciate. And maybe in the end realize that it wasn't really a mess after all. It was/is part of a plan that we just couldn't see from the start.
By Tbeanon September 27, 2017
"Do-able suggestions that make a difference"
I LOVED this book. I read it all in one evening. I loved the do-able suggestions that I could put in place right now to help with the issue I was wanting help with. Many books geared at helping are just “feel-good” books. And while this book helped me feel better, I loved the real-life examples Connie shared of what exactly she meant and what putting a certain principle in place looked like. More than anything, I also felt reassurance as I was reading. As in—you’re not the only one going through something. Most women are and we’re all here dealing with our own issues, so we’re not alone and in the end, it’s going to be alright.

By etrimbleon September 28, 2017
Get a clear vision of how to get through your challenges
Connie does it again! Through personal, down-to-earth experiences, Connie gives 8 simple strategies to help you right NOW through whatever challenge you may be facing. Grab a pen and paper and be prepared to FEEL your emotions and connect with Connie as she gives you a jump start on tackling your latest trial. You'll finish feeling like someone "gets it" and that you have plan.
By LeMira Wheelwrighton September 27, 2017
  ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Connie E. Sokol
As a bestselling author, media personality, and mother of seven, I've dealt with difficulties too, while trying to plaster a smile and do life as if all was going swimmingly. 

But after being sick of being stuck, I figured out how to deal with ANY life difficulty in real-time, and real ways, and still feel real joy. With seven kids!  

These 8 simple principles in What Now? work fast and move you through life's challenges with clarity and support.
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